This site is build using WordPress and utilizes the WP Smart Contracts plugin to deploy your smart contracts to your desired blockchain.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, and for the same reason is a target for exploits and attacks of every kind. If you know what you are doing WordPress can be a really secure platform. But to protect the users, the WP Smart Contracts plugin never touch your private keys. All this work is handled by the Metamask browser extension. Metamask is a very reputable wallet-tool in the market that allows you to safely interact with smart contracts on multiple blockchains.

Ethereum is an open blockchain platform made to run decentralized applications (smart contracts) worldwide. In recent times the gas fees, or the fees paid to run your contract on the network, have been extremely high. Because of this we have integrated second layer solutions via 3 other blockchains, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), XDai, and Polygon (formerly MATIC).

ERC-20 is a standard that implements a token interface. That allow to store, receive and transfer units of value (tokens). A token can be a cryptocurrency a certificate of property or any representation of value. Binance Smart Chain versions are called BEP-20 .

You only need a Browser compatible with Metamask (Chrome, Mozilla and Brave at the moment) and the extension or add-on properly installed. You will also need some of the native token for the blockchain you choose to use for contract deployment and network gas fees.

Ethereum is the leader in smart contracts platforms and is really strong and secure, but using a smart contract that hasn’t been properly tested and audited can compromise your project and your funds. WP Smart Contracts use only community audited smart contracts that have been proven to be trustworthy and safe.

Yes, we never touch your private keys. They are safely stored in Metamask, which is a very reputable wallet-tool in the market that allows you to safely interact with smart contracts.

Yes, our contracts are based on OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys implementations of ERC-20 Tokens, both sets of contracts have been extensively audited and used by the ethereum community for years. Also, WP Smart Contracts plugins deploy your contracts and make them openly visible and auditable in etherscan.io a very well recognized Ethereum explorer.

Absolutely, you can give a try to your contracts in the test network of your preference and then, when you are ready, you can deploy your contracts to the main network of your choice.

Anyone can login with their Metamask wallet and both purchase NFT’s or mint their own NFT in the Open Logic collections, and or participate in crowdfundings and token sales for only the cost of network gas fees. Metamask will detect the proper network and ask to switch. If you don’t have the network installed, it will automatically add the network to Metamask.

Users can pay a one time registration fee to Contract Logic to register their account as an Editor. This will allow users to be able to create their own smart contracts and NFT collections. The only fees you will pay from then on will be to the network. In most cases there will be a deployment fee and gas fees. The deployment fees vary per contract type and is a one time fee for each contract created.

Contract Logic also receives a 10% commission from any NFT sale or auction that takes place in the Open Logic collections created by our team. Users that create their own NFT collections can set their own commission rate for sales in that collection.

Blockchains and Layer 2 Solutions We Work With:


Binance Smart Chain


Polygon (MATIC)

See the documentation and deployment fees for each of the smart contracts directly from WPSmartContracts.com:

ERC-20/BEP-20 Vanilla: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/vanilla/

ERC-20/BEP-20 Pistachio: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/pistachio/

ERC-20/BEP-20 Chocolate: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/chocolate/

Safe Crowdfunding Mango: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/mango/

ICO Raspberry: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/raspberry/

ICO Bluemoon: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/bluemoon/

NFT Matcha: https://www.wpsmartcontracts.com/portfolio/matcha/