How To Mint NFTs

Minting an NFT is as easy as filling out the form below with all of the correct information and paying the network transaction, or ‘gas’ fees. No other fees are required to mint NFTs on the OpenLogic markets, but there is a 10% commission on any sale or auction performed on our markets.

Fill out title, description, at least one category, and one main attribute which should be Private Rights, Limited Reproduction Rights, or Creator Copyright. Additional attributes can be added as descriptive tags, such as genre, etc. You then choose your media type. This can be an image, audio file, video, or document which can also be a zip file. Currently files are stored on our servers but we are working to integrate IPFS in the future. Max file upload size is 256MB.

Minting NFTs on other OpenLogic blockchain collections is allowed as well as minting multiple editions in one collection. If you mint multiple editions, please reference the edition number in the title and description of your NFT. Just remember that for every new edition you create of a piece, the less valuable they will be. If you want to start a collection with many pieces, like collectible cards and such, we encourage you to look into starting your own NFT collection! **Our team is looking into the ability to mint multiple editions at one time, but that will come in a later update.

By selecting ‘Private Rights’ the owner has no rights to reproduce or use the work commercially.

By selecting ‘Limited Reproduction Rights’ the artist grants the owner full commercial rights for the work to be used or recreated in commerce, but does not give away the creator’s license.

By selecting ‘Creator Copyright’, you are essentially creating a master copyright file for your item. Instead of the classic ‘poor man’s copyright’ where you mail yourself a copy, you can use NFT’s to create your copyright. This is not intended to sell unless you are selling the full creator rights.

By proceeding to mint your NFT, you are agreeing to the following terms…

I have obtained consent and model release of all recognizable models (if any) in this content and can provide the release upon request.

I agree to only tokenize work I created that does not infringe on any copyright. If I am referencing someone else’s art or work for more than 5% of the content I have received their consent.

I will not tokenize the same piece again on other markets, ie, Opensea, Rarible, Atomichub, Tribaldex, or NFTShowroom.

No sexual content of children in any format is tolerated on the site. Minimum age is 18…PERIOD…

Work that calls for violence will be removed and authors banned.

Questionable pieces will be removed from display, images removed from our servers, and your account banned and not refunded.

I understand that if I violate the Terms of Service I may be blacklisted from the site.

Other than that, have fun creating your own NFTs!