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50% off of the registration/whitelisting fee through the month of July!

Get LIFETIME editor access today to start creating your own NFTs, tokens, and other smart contracts without needing to know how to write a single line of code! In fact, it’s as easy as creating a Wordpress post!

Whether you are learning about blockchain or you are a business and wanting to integrate blockchain into your funding scheme, you can sign up to use any of the testnets to learn, play and test, or you can go live on any of the available mainnets!



What you get:

LIFETIME access to the ability to create your own smart contracts quickly and easily with our no code smart contract creator! The only thing that can get you banned is illegal child images and promoting acts of violence. This will not only get you banned but any of your media and data will also be removed from our servers. Other than that, we are open for business!

What you can create:

–  NFTs on any of the OpenLogic Collections, or any other open collection on the market. If a user creates a collection, they have the ability to allow others to mint in that collection or not, so not all collections will be open like the OpenLogic collections. NFT creation only cost the amount of ‘gas’ it takes to run the transaction on the network, which in most cases are really cheap. Ethereum is the most expensive of the 4 blockchains.

–  Your Own NFT Collections where you can create your own gallery and you can choose to let others mint in your collection, or just keep only for your work! You get to set and receive commission rates for your collections where you earn a percentage of any resell in your collection. Think of it as your own NFT marketplace on our platform.

–  Create safe and smart crowdfunding campaigns where you set the percentage of the contributors that have to vote and approve the release of the funds. This can be used for not only regular crowdfunding, but family trust funds, business funds, and more!

–  Get your project funded with your own ERC-20 or BEP-20 token or go all out and create your own ICO or Initial Coin Offering on our token launchpad.

Deploy your smart contract on your choice of blockchains:

Ethereum (ETH)

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)


Polygon (MATIC).

Once you complete the purchase your account will then be whitelisted and you will be able to create any of our smart contracts for yourself! Your menu options will change and you will see the Create New menu options where you can get started creating your own smart contracts! If you do not see the options after your purchase is complete, then try and refresh the page. If you still do not see it, email us and we will fix it for you manually.

This is our simple way of whitelisting your account without going through a complicated application process.

***Remember network deployment and gas fees will apply to each contract***

Get full access to Contract Logic today!


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